Top 5 Video Editing Software

Top 5 Video Editing Software 

Are you looking for the best video editing software? There are tons of video software out there claiming to be the best one. So how do you know which one is the best one for you?

Here is a comprehensive guide for you and we bring you the top 5 video editing software of the year. So, without further ado, let’s start:

5. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate:

The latest 2018 version of the Corel VideoStudio ultimate ranks 5th amongst our top 5. It offers a variety of new and emerging editing features that include the ability to remove distortion from action-camera footage and video-collage templates with the help of which you can integrate multiple videos in a single layout. You can also edit a 360-degree video. It is quite popular among beginners. Featuring a simple and sensible design, it arranges all the elements methodically. The new interface is customizable and flexible. 

You can resize the windows on the fly with the new control features. With the new controls of VideoStudio, you can enjoy numerous handy features like cropping movies in the preview pane, XAVC-S authoring to SD card, smart guide alignment and many more. The new version supports monoscopic equirectangular, along with both single fisheye and double fish eye formats. The 3D motion titles let you customize textures, motion, and lighting. You can customize your own designs. All in all, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 offers a complete set of video-editing tools so that beginners can master the skill.


  • Enhanced lens-correction features
  • Broad 3D-text support
  • A split-screen video that lets you make detailed vide collages
  • 360-degree editing features


  • Some of the advanced features get complicated
  • Windows only

4. Sony Vegas Pro Edit:

On number four we have Sony Vegas Pro which is one of the best professional video editing software with all the features and tools required for high-end projects. It is one of the biggest names in the professional video editing software and has been around for a long time now. 

It has a very spontaneous interface and excels in creating visual special effects, author DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and 3D titling and compositing. Vegas Pro’s toolset is ever-expanding that makes it one of the top choices of professional editors for high-quality video editing. It has all detailed built-in interactive tutorials which explain how the tools work. So, it makes it easier for beginners to learn the ropes if they are willing to spend time. 

Proxy-first workflow is one of the features that make this software truly unique. This tool lets the crew in remote locations send proxy footage to their home studio for editing using a camera-mounted adapter. This way, editors can begin editing a footage moments after it was made anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. There are many other great features of this software which includes intelligent upscaling so you can take your regular HD footage and enlarge it to 4k resolution. This way you can use older clips filmed with the new ultra-high resolution cameras. What’s more? Vegas Pro has extended its camera support to include the RED digital cinema cameras.


  • New and advanced features
  • Motion tracking
  • Video stabilization
  • Professional quality editing for YouTube videos and feature films


  • It is a bit costly but has different packages for users.

3. DaVinci Resolve Studio: 

DaVinci Resolve Studio is another powerful free video editor and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With excellent improvement to the project settings, preferences, export, and its performance, the software packs a punch. 

The Davinci Resolve 15 User interface is classic and multiple timeline editors with unlimited video/audio tracks. It has a clear user interface with a line for the Menu bar on top of the window so you can easily access all of the features of the program. Not only that, the user interface is flexible which you can customize according to your need. You can change the position and size of any window on the interface easily with drag and drop actions. Also, you can add as many timelines as you want on the editing workplace. Each of the timelines can contain up to 99 video tracks along with the same number for audio tracks. The software has excellent color grading and audio tools. It supports the most common input formats.


  • Free trial version
  • Flexible user interface
  • Has no watermarks on the outputs
  • Impressive technical support 
  • Excellent output quality with various formats
  • Advanced video editing tools


  • Requires a powerful computer to work
  • Difficult to add VFX if you are a newbie to Fusion
  • If the hardware is not powerful enough, adding simple titles/text is a difficult task

2. Apple Final Cut Pro:

One could say that Final Cut Pro is the elder sibling of Apple’s iMovie that is normally preloaded on new Mac. Those who have worked with iMovie and want more powerful tools will find it easier to get used to this video editing software.

The Final Cut Pro is a professional scale video editing software that carries the tradition of its maker of creating an industry-standard application. It offers an assortment of toolset which both newbies and pros can easily use. It has a creative magnetic timeline. This makes it much easier to compose your project compared to the old concept. The software automatically snaps the clips right into its place while adjusting the clips automatically as you move them around the timelines. This way, you have to spend less time on adjusting sequences and moving one clip at a time after inserting anything new.

The software is a treat to look at and has excellent results. The most creative part of the Final Cut Pro X is the way you are able to get all of your media elements into the program. All of the capturing and importing features are fused into one panel. So, no matter what your footage source is a DSLR camera, SD card, flash drive or a network location. Final Cut Pro has a single place for you which caters to all your needs. Final Cut Pro is quite simple to use. The filmstrip view gets you a view of your complete footage. The media browser helps you find any file which you would like to import. You can also set the favorite locations in the sidebar for using the frequently used media sources.

You can also create compound clips. The compound clips are sequences the application treat as a single unit. Compound clips have an advantage as you can move the sequences as a single piece instead of one at a time. Final Cut Pro is an excellent video editing software and its great editing tools have made editing possible in ways which were not possible a few years ago. 


  • A great switch if you are prepared to leave iMovie.


  • The biggest downside of the software is that it is available for only for Macintosh computers that makes it complicated collaborating across platforms. 

With continuous improvement and new tools, Adobe Premiere Pro takes the No.1 position in our Top 5 Video Editing Software. It is a professional video editing program from Adobe. It is one of the few names that have garnered the title of industry standard. 

The biggest plus point is its extensive camera support. You can easily import any footage and media from any device without having to worry about proprietary formats. The software excellently fulfills the needs of both veteran and pro video editors’ needs. You can use alterations and effects to footage when it is still in the media bin. It might sound like nothing but is a huge timesaver making the editing process faster and easy. Another of Premiere Pro’s great feature is how it synchronizes both the audio and video automatically. This way, a new unified media clip is created in your bin which has both the audio and video aligned. Another time saver. 

Also, Premiere Pro offers modules that assist the users through the entire video editing process. This is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the software and how to use the interface. Premiere Pro has also improved timeline editing which it calls JKL trimming. JKL means the keyboard shortcuts which allow you to scrub through the elements on your timeline. Using this feature, you can both scrub and trim at the same time while performing precise cuts to the footage as you review it. Now you can work on multiple projects at the same time and switch between projects. 


  • Premiere Pro has a very hand task-oriented workspaces.
  • Virtual reality has become a new frontier for video and now you can include program pan and zoom controls.
  • You can now edit VR media.
  • Adobe is continuously improving its performance with the integration of new tools. 


  • You cannot purchase the software. In order to begin using Adobe Premiere Pro, you have to subscribe to Creative Cloud.

Now you know what each of these software have to offer, so choose wisely!

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