The Story of STORM The Alpha Woman

The Story of STORM – The Alpha Woman

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not many female characters are prominent or seen in leadership roles. Storm is an exception and portrays not just the female characters but the African American race. It is not surprising that she is still a relevant character today. 

Storm is Born

Starting with her 2006 mini-series we learn that her father, named David Monroe, falls in love with and marries a Kenyan Princess named N’dare, and due to her love for David and her desire to see the world N’dare moves to Harlem, New York City.

Due to the strain in race relations between blacks and whites, increased violence towards blacks, and the events leading up to the Civil Rights Movements, N’dare begins to fear for the safety of her family. All this occurs in the year 1951.

6 months after the birth of Storm, the family moves to Cairo, Egypt. In ‘Uncanny X- Men“ #102, following their arrival in 1956, the Suez crisis breaks out.

The Suez crisis was a world war event that took place in 1956 when Israel, France, and Britain launched an invasion on Egypt to seize control of the Suez Canal, with the United Nations ultimately forcing them to withdraw. Marvel took this event and embedded it into Storm’s story.

During the Suez war, Storm’s family is caught in the bombing runs, and as her father valiantly tries to get her and her mother to safety a plane crashes into their home, killing David and N’dare.

Storm is able to dig herself out, but the emotional panic combined with losing her parents causes Storm to develop an extreme case of claustrophobia.

Storm Meets Xavier 

In “Uncanny – Xmen” #117 we learn that when Storm was six years old she was trained to operate as an expert thief by a man named Jabber.

Storm is assigned to pickpocket Xavier. While Storm is successful in stealing Xavier’s wallet, her actions draw his attention. Using his abilities to freeze her in place, Xavier is able to take his wallet back but draws her attention to a man named Ahmad Farouk.

Before The Storm

Achmed El Gibár serves as a mentor to Storm and other child thieves. He uses them in deals with individuals looking to obtain artifacts illegally.

After meeting with a man named Barret, Storm and two others are assigned to break into the tomb of   Apocalypse and capture an item referred to as the Opal. After passing several booby traps and acquiring the artifact, Storm and her group come face to face with the Hinge of Achmed El-Gibar. ; the immortal stone servant of Apocalypse who transcribes his vision of the past and the future with Apocalypse. 

Storm and the tomb of Apocalypse

After defeating the hinge man captures Storm; however, after realizing who she is from his visions of the future the hinge man.  explains to Storm that she is destined to become an extremely powerful individual and member of the X- men. He tells Storm that she will rise to become both a savior and provider to the people of Kenya which will lead her to be viewed as a god.

Storm Joins a New Team

Following her time with Achmed El Gibár, Storm takes up residence with a new group of thieves. Operating outside of Cairo on the mountains, Storm and her new group head down to the city to get supplies. When Storm’s ability to operate as a thief is questioned by some members of her group, she chooses to prove herself by stealing a camera belonging to a tourist.

Storm discovers her powers

As Storm is running away one of her team members knocks her down, allowing the man and his group to catch up to her. However, when he takes aim to shoot, Storm’s power manifests, resulting in a lightning storm and her eyes glowing bright and fog coming in.

Following her escape, it’s discovered that the tourist is part of a group that captures and sells mutants. After retreating back to her village, the man and his group arrive at her village after receiving information on her location.

Storm Meets T’challa

Launching an attack against the group, his actions gain the attention of the young T’challa. The men shoot Storm with a tranquilizer and T’challa arrives and begins to fight them. T’challa is part of the Panther tribe from Wakanda and demonstrates great hand to hand combat, overcoming the man and knocking him unconscious.

T’challa takes Storm back to her group. A relationship is formed between T’challa and Storm. They both fall in love; however, Storm views herself as the opposite of what T’challa deserves. In Storm’s eyes, she hails from the lowest part of society: no family, no wealth and some acts she sees are necessary but she’s not proud of, while T’challa is a prince hailing from a royal family of the panther with immense wealth. While the two are in love with each other; their roads lead them to different paths.

Storm joins the X- Men

Initially, Storm is a combination of two characters – Typhoon; a Villain associated with Hercules of the Olympians and Felicia Hardy; a notable Villainess of Spider-Man.

She is an incorporation of the elemental abilities of Typhoon and the physical attributes of Felicia to produce a female hero who joins X- Men.

Storm has the power to manipulate hurricanes and tornados. Storm replaces Cyclops, who was pulled out by Marvel and operates as a leader.

Storm’s role as a leader in the X-Men is expanded to a more personal level when she becomes involved in Kitty’s life, where she teaches her what it means to be a woman and how to live in a world that dislikes mutants.

Storm’s ability to lead the team effectively is best displayed in Uncanny X-Men #269 through #270, during Angel’s kidnapping. Storm comes face to face with Kalisto and overcomes him in a fight to the death. 

Storm moves to a new outfit and is seen wearing leather and a Mohawk. This is significant as it portrays the conflict Storm finds herself in where she has to double as a leader at X- Men and a provider for her people in Kenya.

Storm goes to Africa

Storm travels down to Africa and is kidnapped by Nanny, who de-ages Storm and adds Storm to her child army. Storm is able to overcome Nanny but loses all of her memories.

Storm returns to Cairo but causes a thunderstorm and is hospitalized. Due to her fear of not knowing who she is she goes back to stealing. 

Storm Reunites with T’challa

Due to the unpopularity of X- men over the years Storm is later moved to the Black Panther series and marries T’challa. The marriage between Black Panther and Storm receives mixed reviews. However, the marriage is annulled during the events of Avengers V X- Men.

Storm goes on to feature in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vortex and the X- Men. Storm dies during the Ultimate Universe fight.

Storm is not only a powerful force in Marvel Comics but also a strong black female lead. The only major African American lead characters in Marvel were Luke Cage and Black Panther. Hence, Storm also serves as a point of reference to African American Women. She is not just a character but also a leader.


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