The Man of Steel – The Last Krypton

SUPERMAN; The Man of Steel – The Last Krypton

Superman is one Superhero that everybody loves to identify with. This may be tied to his strength, leadership skills and his representation as the Man of STEEL which made him loved not just by DC Fans but the whole world today. 

Henry Cavill who has portrayed the Man of Steel since 2013 is rumored to have stepped down from the role. Although He denied this rumor on social media, DC Fans believe his term as Man of Steel has come to an end.

Who Will Wear The S Next?

Michael B Jordan has been rumored to be one of the Contenders for the Cape after the success of Black Panther where he played a prominent role. This was received with a lot of backlash from the Web as some fans reacted with Disdain as to the audacity of Warner Bros to cast a Black Superman! The truth is this is not as absurd as it sounds. 

There have been 4 African American Supermen; two of which were only mentioned briefly – Sunshine Superman and Superman of Earth Dee.

Calvin Ellis – A Memorable Superman 

 However, Calvin Ellis (Final Crisis#7) who was inspired by Former President Barack Obama and Mohammed Ali was a very prominent Black Superman. Calvin’s Origin is similar to the original Superman although with minor differences. He was found and adopted by the Ellis family. As his power surfaces, he will go on to form the Justice League, fighting crime and protecting Earth.  After defending the earth for many years he will go on to become the President of the United States of America – POTUS. Calvin will go on to defeat the evil Superman from the alternate reality who has murdered various Supermen in the past. 

Calvin will also be seen in ‘’Multiversity’’ where he will play a key role in defeating The Gentry; the Antagonist of that story. He will form the Justice Incarnate who will be in charge of protecting the Multiverse from future attacks. 

Calvin Ellis is slowly but surely leaving his footprints in the DC Universe and will not be forgotten anytime soon. 

Val Zod – The Last Krypton! 

Val Zod is another popular African American Superman character that quickly gained popularity with DC Fans. Val was the last of his family as his family was executed by General Zod after standing trial. Val was taken in by Kal – El. Val was sent to earth with Kal – El, Kara and another Krypton on separate spaceships when the planet Krypton was about to be destroyed. 

On his way to earth, Val was taught by his rocket ship that violence is not the answer to every situation. He vowed to become a pacifist. Val encountered Terry Sloan an evil genius who offered him protection by keeping him underground away from the yellow sun. This will lead to Val failing to develop his powers like other Kryptonians on earth. 

The Wonders

In Volume 5 Earth – 2 Darkseid(The Evil Superman) invaded Earth – 2 but was stopped by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, they died in that process. The World Army started making effort to rebuild the fences against a Second Darkseid Attempt by recruiting and capturing all of the heroes in ‘The  Wonders’Batman, Hulk-Girl, Flash, Lois Lane (Red Tornado), Green Lantern, Jimmy Olsen, Red Arrow, Major Sato, Doctor Fate are not enough to defeat the evil Darkseid Worshipping  Superman. 

The world army tries to escape through a Sandman’s portal. Adam decides to stall superman to buy them some time. Superman tears off Adam’s arm with his heat vision. Superman uses Adam’s arm to beat Adam until Adam becomes unconscious. 

Jimmy Olsen in the Batcave gets a report that Superman is stopping the World Army in all major cities. Dr. Fate screams out from a corner in the cave about the exodus. Superman has crushed the Helmet of Fate which has led to him becoming more and more insane daily. 

Everyone is frustrated as they don’t have a strategy to stop Superman. The World Government brings out its backup plan ‘Project Beyond Spaceship’. This spaceship is filled with the World’s most powerful and famous. As Superman sees the spaceship trying to make an escape he tears open the bottom of the Spaceship and everyone in it falls down to earth. 

Kohn goes to Atlantis to plead with AquaWoman to help but she refuses as Earth made her a prisoner. 

The Wonders Meet Val-Zod

Led by Batman the heroes will discover Val Zod. Val Zod does not seem like the best fit for the job. This is due to the fact that Val has been living in a space underground. Val fears open spaces and lacks powers because he had not been exposed to the Sun. He refused to fight feeling it is wrong.  Lois Lane teaches Val how to use his powers. While this is going on the evil Superman appears and attacks Val. Lois distracts the evil Superman and takes him to his adopted parents’ home. 

The Warhound attacks the Batcave which leads to everyone escaping through a portal. Unfortunately, Red Arrow is bitten by one of the Warhounds and dies. Batman blames Val for Red Arrow’s death. Jimmy talks to Val and discovers Val has the Crest of El. Val finally developed his abilities and focuses on defeating the Evil Superman. 

The End of the War

While this is going on Green Lantern and Hawk Girl save Flash. Aqua Woman decides to fight and brings a tidal wave that drops the demons and Beguiler.  Flash uses this opportunity to push Beguiler into infinity. 

Superman Kills Jonathan Kent by blasting him into dust. At this moment Lois Lane realizes this is the Evil Superman and rebukes him. The Evil Superman gets a call from Bedlam about moving the earth with the boom tube to Apocalypse as the boombox is ready. Batman, Green Lantern and the World Army focus on stopping the Earth from being moved by the boombox but keeps being attacked by Evil Superman. Aqua Woman 

Val fights with Evil Superman to stop him from Moving Earth. During the fight, Superman’s hand begins to crumble which surprises everyone. Superman begins to fade. Lois blows away the dust that once was Evil Superman and it is revealed that Evil Superman was a clone. 

Val takes on the mantle of Superman and goes on to defeat the Fury’s of Apocalypse and defend what is left of Earth. Unknown to ‘The Wonders’ Bedlam flees and hides out in Porto Rico where he is building a larger army to return and destroy Earth. Val’s reign as Superman is in for more adventure!


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