The Goon

#TheGoon issue 10 
This book is funny as hell. They are fighting over how bologna is made 😆 #thegoon & #franky are sent to investigate, The witches brew house. 
once they start asking questions the witches offer them a beer & begin to explain their appearance the reason they wear all black, the reason for the hats being pointed & why they always have brooms. The crazy thing is everything they said makes sense which makes it even funnier. The guys over at the Kaiser Fishhouse are insanely jealous because not only are the witches moving in on their territory but the product they’re producing is far more superior than the piss poor shit they’ve been producing.😆😆😆 to add insult to injury after The Goon and Franky paid them a visit this really upset the witches so they started putting up propaganda all over the city in reference to how the brew over at the Kaiser Fishhouse is being produced the illustrations are hilarious.😆😆 overall the book is pretty nice I don’t want to give the ending away but if you are in the market for something a bit newer and less well-known from an independent grab #TheGoon & #Franky created by #EricPowell issue 10 written by #RogerLangridge & Drawn by #MikeNorton @albatrossfunnybooks dope read, great stuff. 


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