The Flash 752 VS Paradox

#TheFlash 752 🤦🏽‍♂️
This issue was crazy & a sleeper. In the last issue Barry was defeated by #Paradox. Paradox banished him to this alternate reality. While in this reality he reconnects with his mother or so we think. She introduces him to flash city which is a monument to all of his efforts both as a CSI and as the flash. Things turn real dark very fast when Barry realizes this is not heaven nor a alternate reality because every reality including death vibes at a frequency that this place does not have. So because it has no frequency Barry is able to escape by giving it one and he ends up in this void of nothingness and dead bodies. Now to defeat paradox he has to make a gut wrenching move to free himself from this wasteland and seek out the help of his nemesis. #TheReverseFlash. Here’s the kicker the only way to find him is to travel back in time to watch his mother die again. Grab this issue it’s awesome. See more & join a nice FB Group called Comics Call To Action

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