SuperGirl 40

#SuperGirl 40
As an evil Supergirl, Kara isn’t really exploring terribly new ground here, and there isn’t a whole lot of depth to what she’s doing here. It’s too bad as a more intricate and sophisticated conflict between Wonder Woman, and a dark Supergirl could have been interesting if it had been cast in greater complexity. The best thing about this book is the variant cover🤷🏽‍♂️. Supergirl tries to fight the infection that’s turning her into an evil semi-Joker version of herself, but the presence of kryptonite is suppressing her immune system. Wonder Woman is all too aware of this. If she’s going to get Kara to come to her senses, she’s going to need to appeal to compassion that rests at the heart of the desires for justice lurking beneath all the nightmare clown that seems to have taken over her. The issue has kept up with the intense action the current arc has been made of, with DCs most powerful ladies in the fight of their lives. We also see the excellent motivation and psychological warfare on show here. I find it somewhat disruptive to the Supergirl title, that Wonder Woman is the more interesting character. I agree it’s nice to see this confrontation between these two characters, and it leads to great moments between both figures, but we root for Wonder Woman to get through to Kara rather than hope for Kara to find a way through her malaise. 8.5 outta 10 after re-reading next time, I wanna cheer for The Girl of Steel


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