ScreenFlow Knows Best

ScreenFlow knows best

While there are many careers and paths to pursue for everyone out there, with the advancing world there are so much more up-and-coming opportunities that most of us did not even know about a few years back. Especially for those who are not looking to go to college for a fancy degree but instead want to start something of their own for example something from the creative fields.

Well for such people, there are unlimited opportunities to easily showcase their work worldwide through social media platforms. These platforms provide you with a chance of making your own following from all around the world and actually make a living out of it! This does not require a bag full of cash of a degree you’ve spent half a decade on but simply, your talent, internet, your phone, and a laptop. A good quality camera is also highly recommended.

Nowadays, personal blogs and youtube channels are the hype, I personally prefer to take makeup tips and check makeup reviews from my favorite artists of youtube as well and honestly, I’m never disappointed. Just like them if you have been dreaming about starting your own channel, you can start tomorrow if you want to! But there is one question you might ask yourself. That question is, how do I edit my videos to look as professional and as seamless as all the successful youtube bloggers? We have your answer and that is, ScreenFlow!

What is ScreenFlow?

Now, you would instantly ask yourself, what is ScreenFlow and how is it the answer to all my prayers. 

ScreenFlow is basically a screencasting software for MacBook. Screencasting is the style of videos that are produced and run on channels or websites. This is what makes you present your videos in a certain way and the way your video turns out to be or looks is all dependent upon screencasting. This might seem very technical and nerve-wracking but with ScreenFlow, it is so easy! 

Why prefer ScreenFlow

Of course, if the market of video bloggers is dense, so will be the market of screencasting software. That’s the basic rule of demand and supply as both of these are substitutes. So what makes ScreenFlow stand out. 

All the people out there who are into video editing and already do it might be of a view that the Final Cut Pro by Apple or the Adobe Premiere Pro or even iMovie. On the contrary, I believe that ScreenFlow is what you should consider instead of these and there are many reasons to back this statement of mine up.

First of all, as MacBook users, we have noticed a dramatic change in programming due to which Final Cut Pro no longer supported that programming and became useless to us. Second of all, the earlier mentioned softwares are for pros that run large agencies, for example, Adobe Premiere Pro is used by professional studios but we are focusing on beginners who want to make videos for marketing purposes for their own personal businesses and those who want to become bloggers. For them, the best and most inexpensive option is ScreenFlow which retails for $99 for now, normally $129.00 in the USA. 

This is one software which will provide you with everything! Initially, ScreenFlow was made as a screen capturing software and this is one thing that all the aforementioned software’s do not offer. This is the ability to record your desktop and is perfect for some people who make reviews or maybe even give online lessons. For example, I myself have learned so much online through some videos teaching how to use Microsoft Excel and explaining its formulas which would be impossible to make without the aid of desktop recording. So for such purposes, it is ideal.

Other than this, ScreenFlow is also an amazing video editor! Here we can see its all in one functionality. 

  • You can make lower thirds package in your videos which looks so much more sophisticated and professional compared to subtitles. You can even update your lower thirds package using ScreenFlow. 
  • Your video opening sequence can be made entirely using this software which would make your intros look so much more catchy and clean. 
  • It also provides you with the ability to make on-screen visual aids which again add so much more life to your videos and make them so much more interesting and creative so you can play around with them as well. 
  • You can even create opening sequences with other graphics programmes like Adobe Photoshop if you are more comfortable with that and then handle them in ScreenFlow.
  • It also provides you with built-in audio and video filters to enhance your videos. So for all the newbies out there, struggling with your voice in your videos will no longer be a problem as that can be easily fixed with the audio filters. The video filters can add some fun and creativity to your videos and can also make you appear better. With one click you can be a cartoon if you want to! It’s an entire world of video editing possibilities. Make yourself look thinner, bigger or deformed if you like! Play around with it as much as you desire.
  • It even gives you a green screen!
  • If you want to be even more extra and are lured in by impressive video graphics, you can even buy an after effects template from someplace, for example, videohive and then render the video using those after effects. After that, you can import that video into your ScreenFlow project. This way you can also play around with your opening sequences. But even if you do not have time for this lengthy process, all of this can still be done using ScreenFlow. This was just as an example to show you the amount of flexibility and features this single software provides you with. 

Every year or two upgrades are also made to this programme due to which it is constantly improved and will cost you around 30-40 dollars additional. Even premium support is only for 30 bucks! 

If you face any technical issues, the customer service is amazing and unlike any other software, you will actually be dealing with a human on the phone. 

This can do absolutely everything and is definitely worth it!

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