Sam Wilson – The Unpopular Captain America

Sam Wilson – The Unpopular Captain America

In the new Marvel Comics, we are noticing a shift to new characters not just taking on the role of some of our favorite  Superheroes e.g Iron Man but diversifying the race of the character as well. Captain America is not left out. 

 Captain America- Sam Wilson is an amazing story because it deals with a lot of common themes in the world right now and also deals with how the reader perceives Sam Wilson. 

Certain characters have been around for so long and have done everything possible in the comic books that there is nothing left to squeeze out of them. An example is Tony Stark- Iron Man who is paving the way for a new Iron Man called Riri Williams.  The same thing can be said about Captain America! What do you do with a character that has done it all? You push him to the side and find a new character to step into his role. A fresh character is needed to bring out something new. 

Sam takes on the role of Captain America 

Sam Wilson is the best fit to step into the role of Captain America. This is because Sam has been Captain  America’s sidekick for years; Falcon. The shield is passed to Sam Wilson by Steve Rogers. After  Steve lost his super-serum he starts to age rapidly and is not fit to play the role of Captain America anymore. As Steve Rogers had Sam Wilson as his support and sidekick, Sam has Misty Knight and Dennis Dunphy (D-man). 

The Reaction to the New Captain America 

Many fans are opposing the diversity in characters such as Ms. Marvel and Riri Williams in Iron Man. To most fans, diversity is being pushed too hard too fast. Most fans are not against diversity but are against forced diversity. For example, if you want to read Iron Man you have to read Riri Williams. You do not have the option of Riri Williams and Tony Stark. Fans will prefer to have both options, this is what causes the dislike for diversity in Marvel Characters. 

Also, Steve Rogers is one of those characters that is seen as untouchable. There has only been one Captain America and to the perspective of Marvel Fans, this shouldn’t change. So, it is not majorly an issue of the race of the new Captain America, it is the fact that Steve will no longer play this role. However, there was once another Captain America named John Walker who believed certain people needed to be killed because they were bad, hence he was a very dark Captain America. 

To many fans, Sam being Captain America is similar to attempting to change Peter Parker as Spider-Man. This was attempted before but in the end, Peter Parker will always be Spider-Man. Now there is Miles Morales but the difference between Captain America and Spider-Man is the fans get both Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Sam’s Adventures as Captain America 

Sam Wilson infiltrates a hybrid base leading to a fight with Crossbones. Sam is not on par power-wise with Steve Rogers. Crossbones is a formidable adversary and gives Sam a run for his money but Sam defeats Crossbones. 

Sam Wilson v Steve Rogers 

Sam does not look at the role of Captain America the way Steve does. Steve always looks at the mantle of Captain America as a symbol that at the end people will always do the right thing and people are good. Sam does not feel this way and is more realistic than idealistic. Sam believes America is on the verge of civil war and believes America has not been this polarized since before the last civil war. He believes the country is on the boiling point. Sam goes to the press to let the American people know how he feels. Unfortunately, the media being what it is today twists his words and the message is lost. People pick and choose what side they want to listen to, people only verify the parts of what they want to hear and make their opinions on Sam based on that. There also exists some traditionalists who keep saying “He is not my Captain America”. 

Sam’s attempt to connect with the American People

Sam decides to open up a hotline to the American people and talk to the people directly. However, the only people that participate report stupid problems such as not getting a refund. An old woman calls in that her grandson, Joaquin went missing in the desert, Sam and Misty head out to find him. Now, this is a major difference between Steve and Sam. Steve will direct the woman to the police and not head out because of such a “trivial” matter. Sam is a lot more grounded, however, the issue with this is Sam will end up being too busy solving small problems that he will miss the big ones. Hence, though his intentions are in the right place he is setting himself up for failure. 

During the search for Joaquin Sam comes across a serpent man leading certain immigrants across the United States border. The Serpent man runs away by teleporting. Sam is able to find the Serpent Man by using his psychic links with birds. Further discovery shows that the Serpent Man and the immigrants are working together on the same plan for a man named Malus who pays people to capture wealthy individuals wandering about in the desert, kidnap them and bring them to New York. 

Malus has been busy mixing human DNA with Animal DNA to create Hybrids. A certain man named Antonio Rodriguez – Armadillo is approached by Malus and asked him if he wants superpowers, Antonio responds positively and is given an injection that blends his DNA with that of an Armadillo.


After defeating the serpent Man he is informed of what Malus has been up to in New York. An investigation by Sam leads him to Malus location. A fight ensues, as the fight goes on Malus incapacitates Sam and turns him into a Cap wolf. This is basically a werewolf Captain America. This also reminds us of a time when Steve became a werewolf. 

The Serpent Society 

The Serpent Citadel has always been a thorn in the flesh of Steve during his tenure as Captain America. They were never considered to be a credible threat to the safety of the world and were very organized, structured and regimented. 

The Serpent Society works with Malus to convince corporations to sponsor Malus and in return benefit from the proceeds of his experiments. 

Meet Rachel 

Rachel Leighton was a young girl who wanted to join Crossbones team. Unfortunately, Crossbone used her for his selfish needs and this made her spiral into a black hole. She also joined the Serpent Society but later turns a new leaf and becomes a Hero. 

Capwolf and Rachel Leighton work as a team to bring down the Serpent Society, Rachel later turns on Capwolf; Rachel tried to be legitimate but the life of a superhero could not cover her bills which led to her losing the ones she loved. She later becomes a stripper and ends up going back to become a Villain because that is what pays the bill. 

Misty knight breaks into the facility of the Serpent Society and rescues Captain America and Joaquin. At this point, Joaquin’s DNA  has already been merged with a falcon. This is how a new falcon is born! Just as Steve had his Falcon, Sam gets his falcon too. 

Unfortunately, Sam cannot jail all executives of corporations as this will cripple the American economy and lead to People losing their homes and retirement. 

What happens to Steve?

In “Avengers Standoff” Steve’s backstory is recreated by a cosmic tube and he is made a Hydra Agent. His history is altered and reality is altered. This gives Steve back his youth. The effect of this is certain citizens start insisting that Sam should return the mantle back to Steve and Steve should take his rightful place as Captain America. 

The Americops 

Senator Tom, President Paul Keane launch the Americops. The Americops is similar to the cops during the civil rights movement who oppressed black  Americans. Black communities response to the Americops is a rage. Elvin Haliday a.k.a Rage; Incredible Hulk without the green skin instigates violence against the Americops. Sam tries to be the voice of reason and explains to Rage that using his fists will make things worse and will portray the black community as out of control and portraying the Americops in a good light. This will end up making things harder for the black community and giving the Americops more control. 

The Plan against Sam 

Tom and Keane meet with John Walker to discuss Sam. They express their concern that Sam represents change, however, what they truly mean is Sam is evidence that America is more diversified than they imagine and someone out there is challenging the status quo. Another reason why they want Sam off the role of Captain America is due to the fact that Sam is more grounded than Steve and will notice corrupt corporations and individuals and make it his mission to bring down such persons like them. They see him as a challenge. 

They propose to John Walker a deal to take out Sam. John declines and states his reason which is Steve should be the only Captain America and if Steve believes Sam is the right man for the Job then he is and they should get over it. 

Steve Rogers appears and claims that Sam is not fit to hold the mantle of Captain America. However, because he is white it will create a huge rift between the whites and the blacks. Sam commissions John in confidence to take Sam down. The true intentions of Steve is as a Hydra Agent he wants to divide the country and take it over. 

John later decides to take Sam down. John is an equal contender to Sam which makes this fight one to look forward to. However, the fight is quick as Sam beats up John using the psychic powers of the birds. 

Sam Wilson is a very grounded and hands-on Captain America. Unlike Steve who only takes part in the Avengers, world-shattering threats and does not concern himself with street-level issues, Sam is very dare-devil, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones in his approach. This is very new to the Captain America Character. However what makes Sam Wilson’s character stand out is how relatable the story direction is to the recent happenings in the society. On one arm we see black people constantly challenging the status quo which makes many people uneasy,  on the other arm we have individuals like Tom and Keane who are constantly looking for ways to promote their selfish desires, we also see die-hard traditionalists who are so hostile to change they miss the excitement and benefits of something new and fresh. We can’t wait to see where Sam’s story will lead us to and the various metaphors hidden in the storylines.


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