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Rode VideoMic Pro vs. Rode VideoMicro

Have you ever decided which one to choose from Rode VideoMic Pro and Rode VideoMicro? If not yet, then it might prove to first consider reading this article. You will be learning more about the benefits, features and specifications of each of them.

The Rode VideoMicro

This is mainly considered to be a professional grade one and half inch condenser shotgun microphone. Apart from it, this is primarily designed to be used along with the presence of a personal audio recorder and a video camera.

With its in-built shocking system, this is even more essential in isolating the electronics and VideoMic capsule from the standardized sized shoe mount. This now provides for an isolation coming from the external physical factor. With that physical factor, it may likely cause unwanted vibrations and rumble in the microphone.

The best thing about the shoe mount is that it consists of a three over eight inch thread in the base. This makes it easy for you to mount on a stand or a boom pole. Even the polar pattern is considered to be highly directional. And, this only focuses on the subject in front of the camera. This also helps minimize the surrounding sounds.

Manufactured from durable and rugged ABS, this is designed to survive being tossed inside a camera bag. This is also while it remains extremely portable and lightweight. Apart from the native response of a microphone, a high-pass filter at eighty hertz is also made available. This is mainly useful in preventing a low end noise like the traffic and air conditioners. Other excellent features include of the ten decibels and twenty decibels. These mainly allow the recording of loud sound sources like motorsport or live music.

Others have owned this and they assured of its good quality sound. Even the battery life is long indeed. This is the best mid-range mic and this is actually worth of the money paid for it. This is also relatively compact, robust, light and small.

Whenever you need a far better sound control, this one is the best solution to your problem. If you’ll also be recording speeches at a large wedding reception, this one is perfectly built for proper recording. This does not compromise the recording of voice over on video.

Due to the reason that it has a great sound, is cheap and is easy, then the more that you would love buying it.

The Rode VideoMic Pro

As compared to the Rode VideoMicro, this one has its compact size that is suited to all digital SLRs. This is further improved and enhanced over the original VideoMic. This also serves as the best solution in having a better audio experience.

Apart from it, this is even more ideal for those who move beyond the internal microphone on a camcorder or digital SLR. This is also able to achieve an excellent audio in a lightweight, compact and inexpensive package.

The manufacturer mainly introduced this into the market of videographers and photographers searching for the best quality audio from their digital SLRs. And as compared to the VideoMic, this one is a lighter and smaller version with other features.

As per its design, it sits neatly on top of the SLR with a hotshoe mount found at the base. This also has its scope that connects a boompole with the use of a three-eight inch thread. It boasts for its eighty-six grams and fifteen centimeters length.

Since it weighs eighty-five grams and it comes with wider lens mounted on one of the test camera, the mic is truly an excellent tool to consider. This is simply powered by a nine-volt battery that is located under the microphone. This also claims its seventy-hour recording time.

Another interesting thing to know about the Rode Videomic is that the connector is a three point five millimeter jack. Even though this is not provided inside the box, there is still an opportunity to redeem an extra wind shield.

As per the cover, it usually sits over the microphone for that additional coverage that you are most in need of. This also works fine even without it. This is also if it already has built-in and wind-shield foam.

Even the shock mounting feature prevents the microphone from hitting against the surrounds and the base. This can also be held on with the uniquely designed elastic bands. There are other spares found inside the box.

Comparing the Two

For the limitless comparisons between the Rode VideoMicro and RodeVideoMicPro, the latter is quite smaller. Although both of them have their features, the VideoMicPro has its even more accessible features. One of these features include of the level control and the 2-step high-pass filter switch.

Apart from it, the high pass filter can also be set to its high or flat position. The high setting is also reserved for certain events with a low frequency noise. There is also nothing to say about the performance of the product. This easily connects to a digital camcorder or SLR with `an external mic input.

Even the jack is also enough to be plugged into the SLR’s such as the Canon 5D Mark II.  This also gives its high sound definition although it is not noticeably different as compared to the original one in terms of isolating and recording voices.

The most excellent results are obtained from the Auto Gain Control and the Digital SLRs. Achieving these results is possible by pulling down the audio levels. This is also unless there is a small-sized signal indicator.

To obtain the best sound, the audio or subject source should face on into the mic. This really makes sense. The VideoMic Pro also excels at capturing voices and isolating in environments.

Now that you have learned the differences between the two, it is now the right time for you to decide on choosing which one suits you. Take a closer look at each of these products and choose only for one that meets your preference!

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