Riri – The Future of Stark Industry

Riri – The Future of Stark Industry

Riri Williams  is one character that is disliked by majority of Marvel Fans. For many, this is because they cannot see any other person stepping into the shoes of Iron Man except Tony Stark. 

Meet Riri 

Riri Williams is temporarily playing the role of Iron Man pending the time Tony Stark returns. 

When Riri is five years old, she is discovered to be very intelligent and classified under ”Super Genius”. Her parents are told that she acts out because she is bored and she needs tools to keep her mind occupied. She also needs to learn how not to be reclusive and socially awkward. 

Riri’s parents encourage her to play more, be more social, and make friends. Riri finally makes friends with Natelie whom she shares her projects with. One project that stands out is a robot she makes for spiderman which allows him to have a robot doubleganger to take over battles.

Riri and Natlie grow up and become best of friends. Unfortunately, Natelie is killed at a random shooting. This makes Riri become reclusive and shut away from the world. Tony Stark is dead at this time but puts his mind in an Artificial Intelligence which becomes the AI in Riri’s Armour. 

Riri’s Powers

Riri is such a brilliant and intelligent character who finds a way to duplicate Tony Stark’s armour in earlier comics of Iron Man. When Tony Stark goes missing, Riri makes her own suit of  Armour from school supplies. 

Riri has the power to conjure animals from behind and give them physical components. Her powers are similar to Goblin Queen the only difference being she can manifest these monsters into physical constructs. 

Animal a villain from X-men is causing mayhem in the realm of Wyoming and Riri decides to take him out. Unlike Tony Stark who uses Artificial Intelligence to figure out the fastest way to bring down an adversary, Riri uses the internet to research on the creature and figure out the easiest way to defeat the creature. Hence, as you can imagine it will take Riri longer to figure out how to take down Animax. 

Riri begins to undergo training under the AI of Tony Stark and learns how to use her Iron Man Armour.

After Tony Stark goes missing Mary Jane Watson, his mother and Friday; his trusted AI put heads together to figure out how to use Stark industries to encourage technology and impact the world. They end up choosing Riri 

Riri Meets Pepper Pots

Tony keeps encouraging Riri to reach out and make friends in the superhero community. He explains to her the importance of having contacts you can rely on.  During one of their arguments, Pepper Pots meets Riri. 

Riri meets Tomo

Tomo is an inhuman who has the power to control any computer system e.g phone, Iron Man Armour, Computer.   

After Riri meets Pepper Pots, Tomo appears and strips Riri and Pepper of their armor. Riri is very resourceful and manages to escape. She contacts Tony Stark to access Tomo’s armor. Riri downloads a virus into Tomo’s armor and uses fencing to fight against Tomo. 

Riri Meets S .h.i.e.l.d

S.h.i.e.l.d reaches out to Riri and informs her they are aware that she is functioning as a Superhero and should she need their help they are available. 

Riri Williams is young, vibrant, fresh and will be an exciting character to watch. Riri is not as smart as Reed Richards but she comes very close to Tony Stark. For a Fifteen-year-old Riri is doing amazing and will bring a new perspective into the Iron Man Character.

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