Photoshop vs Affinity Photo

Photoshop vs Affinity Photo

Since the boom of modern technology, there have been a number of advancements for people in all types of careers. These advancements basically are related to technology being used in their fields. When it comes to creative photographers, graphic designers, web designers or any other similar fields. One of the most important things for them is their photo editing software. 

This software basically gives them a competitive edge with which they can showcase their creativity in a lot of different ways. For a lot of time, Adobe Photoshop has been the holy grail for them. Since a lot of time now there have been many editing software in the market but nothing has quite competed with Adobe Photoshop. The launch of Affinity Photo has changed that. Having almost all the features Photoshop has an even more, there is finally an alternative now. Let’s see all the features and analyze is this really is true.

Distinctive features of Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is quite similar to photoshop. It has almost the same interface and the same shortcut keys. It has all the features that Photoshop has but what are the features to make us switch. What’s new?

  • The layers that are added also work as smart tools. This means that you can work with them separately with ease and whatever settings you have to apply can be done on both the layers.
  • The haze-removal filter is also available on photoshop but it is much better in Affinity Photo. It has more parameters you can adjust to achieve perfection. For example, how far the haze-removal should go. The results are also much better. If you use this particular filter in photoshop, you get a lot of color artifacts. You also get them with affinity photo but a lot less. 
  • The curves adjustments are also much better in Affinity photo. You can shift from mode to mode easily. Unlike in photoshop, you do not have to change the color mode of the picture to work with that specific model.
  • Frequency separation filter and the lighting filter are also really great and can make your images look amazing if added.

Things that are not so amazing in Affinity Photo

There is a lot of thing in this particular software which is not so perfect. Let’s look at those and decide if they keep you from buying it or not.

  • Personas are one of the not so favorite things. One of the reasons is that the term is too ambiguous. It basically is different workspaces. For example the photo persona is for photo editing, the liquefy persona is specifically for that, the develop persona is a raw image processor, tone mapping persona for HDR stuff and the export persona for exporting and saving your document. The problem with these is that these are useless because this is not like a light-room where you must have different spaces to carry out each task. Some of the Personas could be moves to the filters menu. Because what if Affinity photos adds more filters that are used in different workspaces. Does that mean that new personas will be created until they cannot fit anymore? 
  • The raw filter or develop persona is not as good and powerful as Adobe’s camera raw filter. One of the things in the windows version which can be very annoying is that if for example, you use the light filter when you make adjustments to it, it goes back to the top right corner then you have to shift it to the position again. Other than that like in many software, the escape key is used to cancel things. In Affinity Photo, is sometimes applies the effect instead of canceling it. Now, these are something which is maybe bugs in the Windows version and hopefully gets fixed.

The verdict

Now for many people, the answer is no. This is because photoshop offers you a lot then you know for example 3D printing and video editing. Affinity Photo is great but it is not as advanced as photoshop is and still has a long way to go. If you are a professional photographer and are already earning from it, you should stick to photoshop. You can, in turn, use both of them to take advantage of their best features but your main editing software should remain photoshop. On the other hand, if you cannot afford photoshop then Affinity photo is a great alternative. If you can afford photoshop and are deciding which one of them to learn, then go for photoshop as that is the better choice.

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