Loki I am Just Not Sure Yet

Is it just me or are people just as uninspired by the #Loki series as I am? Being a fan of the #comicbooksand collecting since the 80s. I do understand the need for change because these characters are timeless sometimes the titles are passed from one individual to another usually through means of merit. However what @marvel is doing is not a meritocracy it’s more a pandering based on gender and race which is starting to become idiotic and self-serving to the point of absurdity. 

I have no issues with race, gender or sexuality however when these things do nothing to forward the story I start to take real issue with it. The #TVA in the books we’re never able to power down a God. @officialloki being a god, “little g”. It does nothing for the story & makes him seem human which he is not. Maybe it’s the nerd in me but Gods fight Gods not tech. Even #IronMancouldn’t hold a candle to #Thor with all his tech. it would’ve made more sense in the show to actually show Loki consequences of his actions if he gets outta line enter #KangTheConqueror a #Thanos level big bad. Not have the f——- time police beat the hell outta him the entire show for means of control which they never did in the books. 

Anyway gonna give it a few more episodes & if the 👉🏾story👈🏾 does little to improve. I am out. As much as I enjoyed @wandavision it was not very well written & seemed rushed at time for means of letting Wanda shine when even as the #SarletWitch in the books she went off the rails often enter “no more mutants”. The catchphrase most of us were waiting for which is a main stay in comic books we never got. Again I don’t wanna come off as being too pessimistic just yet but from what I’ve seen and what I already know this show might flop big time & if it does this #AllNewAllDifferentMarvel stuff is dead in the water just like the original run. We will see. 


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