In the fast growing world of photography it is hard to keep up with the latest technology, which seems to be changing every single day. With high-end expensive cameras coming out with more features and offering users with more functionality and ease of usage than older models. So it is understandable when people think that the newer, more expensive cameras will give them better results than the older ones. 

However, that’s not really the case because you can get the right results with cheaper cameras. In the hands of a professional photographer it doesn’t matter if the camera is worth 4000$ or 400$, what matters is how you use it and how much time you spend on the shoot. 

Setting a Goal

The first thing you need to know to get the most out of your camera is knowing what you are going to use it for. If the camera ticks all the boxes on your list then it shouldn’t matter how expensive it is. If you are going for videography then you won’t do well with a camera that isn’t equipped with the right features. 

Making the Proper Adjustments

If you are doing product photography, then having a proper set and a corresponding theme is essential. As you want to create an environment that represents the product that you’re marketing. Observing the rule of thirds and making simple adjustments in framing and the angle of the shot can increase the quality of the image even with a cheaper camera. 

Having the proper aperture and exposure will allow you to adjust the shallow depth of field, it will help you to get better results in post production. 

Having The Right Environment

Professional photographers know when and how to make the right environment for the image that they want to get. Rather than focusing on the many features of the more expensive cameras, you’ll get a better shot if you focus on having the better aesthetics. 

Using complementary colored props that enhance the color and features of the product that you are capturing, is one way to get better shots. The props will fill the empty space, and create a theme that is right for what you want. 

The setting for the shoot is important to keep in mind. That means you should know which location will be suit you better. Sunlit gardens, closed fluorescent lit rooms and dark neon backgrounds are just some examples of what you can keep in mind while deciding your location. 

Getting Out the Glitches

Using cheaper cameras can be quite a taxing exercise, as you’ll have to take multiple shots over and over to get the right one. You’ll have to spend more time on the set and have a lot of patience to get it right. 

Moreover, the important thing is using your preferred editing software, Adobe Lightroom is a great option, to have the right tone that’ll sit well with you. Adjustments of color balance and discrepancies in the focus and exposure can be corrected. 

This will give you a great end product, that will rival the images you get from a superior, expensive camera.  

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