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iPad like a Pro with LumaFusion 

In today’s time, each and every one of us, will almost each and every one of us has some kind of an addiction of capturing memories via photographs and videos. This Is also due to the influence of many social media mediums such as Youtube and Instagram due to which we feel the actual need to constantly capture all the special moments happening around us.

Now, of course, that is one thing but then there’s another category and that is much cooler than this one – the pros out there. Some people are actual professionals who are actually so amazing at video making and photography. For them, capturing every moment in the most perfect way possible is the real deal. Of course for this skills are the main thing but another thing which is very important to them is their video editor software. This adds that extra seamlessness and mind-blowing finish to their videos that not just anyone can achieve, well obviously that is why we are calling them pros here. So what are the best video editors out there? There are many but if you want to achieve all of this on your iPads then LumaFusion is the one for you and is a powerful multitrack video editor perfect for all the mobile journalists and video producers who are actually professionals. This will definitely help you add that extra seamlessness and catchiness to your storytelling videos for sure.

What’s new?

Many of you who are actually pros will be aware of what LumaFusion is and what it offered but now let’s discuss what new stuff has been cooking. 

One of the most amazing new inclusion is that of storyblocks. Now, what is Storyblocks? It is an online site for your video clips which also includes different loops and music tracks. This has been in existence since quite a while now but what truly is exciting about this is that it now works in LumaFusion. This way you actually edit your videos through it and add directly which is so much more convenient for all the mobile journalists out there. It is a monthly subscription for about 70 dollars a year but when you are looking for the best place to find royalty free music or the best fit soundtrack or anything which you need for that extra background, you can combine that with this integration it makes it so much cheaper and actually ideal. I’m not just saying that I have facts to back it all up. First of all, you get all of the things in one place. They also have a lot of things that are free but to get the real fun out of it, the subscription is the best option Music is an easy thing to find, but what about sound effects? Perfect sound effects which are just right for your videos can be a real pain to find, it has it all! Built in! 

You can do multiple selections within your folders. How is that? For example, if you have different photos or video clips, and your phone did not have a feature of time-lapse and you want to combine those clips seamlessly, you can actually combine those clips and get what you desired for.

One more new feature that has been added is clean up. You can clean up your media and save up some space by getting rid of things like cached files and everything. This is obviously not jawdropping but is a major help you have to admit that. It’s amazing when you do not have enough space on your iPad while your editing. 

The sliders are also a very handy new inclusion for those perfectionists who want their volume at 40 and will not settle for less or more. Yes, I know you exist. This makes you saves you from the hassle of finding the perfect spot. 

Other cool features

Another thing it has is the shortcuts which are not new but not everyone knows about it. Who out there does not like shortcuts? It makes our work so much simpler and easier. If you hit the command key, it will display the all of the shortcuts offered by this application, for example, split, delete a clip, zoom in, zoom out, play, pause, redo, undo, add you’re present, add your copy from the clipboard, trim video, all of these with just one click. All you have to do while editing is, click the piece you like, press the command key along with the shortcut you desire and do! This makes the nerve-wrenching work of video editing so much more effortless and makes it much less time-consuming. This makes it so much more fluent.

Moreover, one of the very interesting features is the audio ducking feature. Now how does that work? If you have beat that is lingering throughout your video and there’s a certain clip, for example, an interview in which you want the interview to be clear but also want that beat to be lingering around in the background, as in the beat being quieter and the voice of the interview being louder then the ducking feature will do that for you easily. You will not have to work with the voice separately but just use that feature, this makes it so much more convenient and with this, your videos do not lose their flow but seem much smoother and fluent. This has been there for a long time though and is not a new feature. If you don’t like the levels that the ducking feature has set automatically, all you have to do is go to setting, go to project setting then to duck volume and fix it according to your liking.

Wrapping it up

The great thing about this application is that it offers you so much at just one place. The more you keep exploring it the more you keep finding new things to take your videos to a whole new level. It will take time for you to master this because it offers so much, but hey, becoming a pro does take time. It’s simple and versatile and totally worth your dollars!

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