Instagram Marketing with Facebook Power Editor

Social media has made great influence to humankind especially in the field of business and marketing. Instagram and Facebook are two of the most used social networking sites that are proven effective in marketing business’ products and services. Did you know that you could actually make use of both the Instagram and Facebook for a successful marketing strategy? This is through the Facebook Power Editor, which largely benefit the Instagram Marketing. The Instagram marketing is now available through the Power Editor, as long as you have your own Facebook page. What is Facebook Power Editor?

It refers to a tool that is designed and intended for the larger advertisers, who need to create tons of ads in one sitting and who want to have precise control of other campaigns. The power editor allows you to create many ads for more than 20 at one time. This only impels that you do not need to spend much of your time, effort and money just to create several ads to promote your business on Instagram. Because of the great advantage that the power editor could give, Instagram Marketing has also come to use this tool in order to generate leads. @TWilliamsTV


How to do Instagram marketing with the Facebook Power Editor

  • Creating campaign in the Power Editor supporting the Instagram Ads

In order to do so, you need to go to the “Power Editor” and click the tab, Manage Ads located at the top of the page. Click the icon on the left side of the page and choose Create Campaign. Next, you have to create your campaign name, choose the Auction for the Buying Type and an objective, which supports your Instagram Ads.

  • Creating an Instagram ad set in the Power Editor

Same as in creating your campaign, you will have to do necessary clicks of the right tabs until you reach the “Create Ad Set”. In that page, you will have to choose whether you want to create a new campaign or just use the existing campaign. Enter the name of your set and then, click “Create”. You can click “Edit” of you want to set some of the details such as schedule, budget, audience, pricing and placement. In order to run this ad to your Instagram, just choose “Instagram” found in the “Placements” section.

  • Creating an Instagram Ad in the Power Editor

To start with, you need to click the “Manage Ads” tab found at the top of the page. Go to the Create Ad page and choose whether you would want to create a new campaign or just use the existing one. Just make sure that your ad set must have Instagram Placement checked to make your ad eligible and to show on Instagram. After that, you can complete the details for your ad that includes the creative.

Tips on How to Make Your Instagram Marketing Effective with the Power Editor 

The Instagram Marketing provides brands and business an effective way of increasing the visibility and connecting with the customers and prospects. That is why more and more businessmen have embraced the power of social media in marketing and advertising their products and services. Through connecting your Instagram Account to your Facebook page, you can actually start advertising on Instagram with the help of the Power Editor. The power editor is indeed great but without you creating, an effective and efficient ad there will always be the great chance for your business still unrecognized. You need to choose the right target audience – This is the same as you set your target audience preferences on Facebook. However, you do not need to use all the targeting options. The required options are age, location and gender. You can use some targeting options whenever you want more control of who sees your ads so that you can make sure that you are able to deliver the message, which will resonate them. Once you create an ad that is for a specific audience makes it to the point that that audience only will see it – For instances like, creating an ad intended for working moms, then the ad must not be shown unto the high school students.


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Make sure that you leverage the target features as well as focus toward delivering the Instagram content that is engaging and relevant – As much as possible, you need to use attention-grabbing visuals. Since the Instagram is known for its attractive and rich visuals, your ads must also provide compelling visuals in order to catch attention and interest of the people. Remember that the Instagram audiences are already used to the sniff out stock and some of the common contents – It is better that you capture photos yourself or even invest in the illustrator or photographer in order for you create a great content. You need to do it with all the ads you make through the Facebook Power Editor. Of course, in your Instagram Marketing, you should never forget to include “Call to Action” – Since that there is no stipulations about the amount of text that you can include in one photo, you can create ads even they are text-heavy in order to communicate some of the complex stories. Therefore, it is always possible for you to include a call to action in order to encourage audiences and potential customers to check on what you offer.

Leverage the popular hash tags – You know the fact that the Instagram is filled with hashtags used by the both targeted and broad audiences, so it is best if you also inject your brands culture towards the feeds of the people through the “hashtags” and have a connection with them. The Facebook Power Editor has made Instagram marketing easier and more convenient. Your campaigns and ads will be visible and acquire more potential customers! So what are you waiting for? You should not be left behind with the benefit that using social media such as Instagram and Facebook could give and provide for your success!

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