Instagram & Marketing for Companies

Why is Instagram the best marketing platform for companies?

Since the launch of the Instagram social media platform, it has reached the millions of users all around the world. The Instagram image sharing platform gained extraordinary exposure at the beginning of the social media era. With more than 500 million active users the Instagram is ranked in one of the top social media content sharing platforms in the world. The ubiquitous influence of the Instagram platform opened a new frontier for the marketing companies. Businesses can use the Instagram to reach a targeted audience by sharing relevant content on the platform. However, you need proper planning to engage users on the Instagram and use them for branding purpose. Engaging users, increasing followers, interacting in the community are some of the activities you can perform to create awareness of your brand.

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Here is some best practice that you can apply to your Instagram marketing to leverage the benefit.

1) Cross promotion of the posts:

Once you are done with the setup of the Instagram profile, the next step is cross-promoting the post that you share on all other social media platforms. You might already have Facebook and Twitter account with a good number of the followers. After creating the Instagram account promote the page on the FB and Twitter to inform your readers about your presence on the Instagram. People who already like your brand will love to follow you on the Instagram. You will receive instant followers on your Instagram page after the cross promotion of the post.

2) Keep it Niche:

Instagram users would love to read the information about your industry. Do not overwhelm them with the redundant information. Keep the post about the industry topic. Share the post to educate them or inform about industry news. You can also use your core features such as how you are making the difference in the industry by producing the great product. Think about the user’s intention to follow your page and write the post accordingly. The high-quality post will attract more followers on the Instagram page. Eventually, you will see a boost in your sales.

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3) Interaction is key to success:

Social media is all about personal interaction with the users. People intend to have quick interaction with the company and get their query resolve immediately. Your users want you to answer their query and solve their day to day problems. Instagram is not different than other social media platform. You will receive plenty of comments on your post. Users will ask several questions about your product and services. You should be actively participating in answering the questions on the Instagram.

The company who fails to manage the user’s response on the Instagram face the trouble in developing a reputation on the social platform. People start leaving your page when they will see no one is there to acknowledge the question. Utilize Instagram as your public support system and answer the questions asked by your followers. You can even convert the users into a customer by guiding them how they can purchase your product.

4) Hashtag game:

Like other social media platform, the utilization of hashtag works the best on Instagram as well. Whenever you are sharing a new post on the Instagram choose the right type of hashtag relevant to your content. You might need to do some research to find the trending hashtag in which you can able to inject your post with the hashtag. The creative post that conveys the message effectively receives a good response from the users who are following the particular hashtag on the Instagram. You can even run campaign by creating your own hashtag and ask people to share their pictures using the hashtag and win the prizes as a reward. User-generated content receives good recognition on the Instagram.

5) Creativity drives followers:

You have to think about the creative post to connect your brand with the latest trend. Be creative with your images, content and latest trending news. It is a more effective way to reach the larger audience and engage them in the Instagram post. The creative post indirectly exposes the brand in the background without highlighting the details. The purpose of the creative post is to entertain the users and empower them to share the post with their friends.

Creative post receives free exposure through the audience interaction and widespread sharing.Although, making creative post require lots of effort and brainstorming to produce something that will go viral. Timing also plays the big role in sharing the creative post. You have to time the post precisely to get the most out of it. It needs to be done properly else you will not receive the expected result from the users.


By following given suggestion, you can make your Instagram page more active for the followers. Your followers will love to be in touch with you if they see good stuff shared on your page. Use creative graphics, interesting pictures to attract more users on Instagram.

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