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Instagram Marketing for business
IG (Instagram) marketing offers businesses amazing opportunities to connect with their target audiences, with an increasing number of brands joining the platform, making the IG feed increasingly competitive, as well as making it harder for individual businesses to stand out in the crowd. In this blogpost I want to focus on IG marketing for local businesses. With geo marketing capabilities, IG makes it easy for your local business to connect with the specific group of IG users who are relevant to you, giving you the opportunity to engage with them, advertise to them and make customers out of them.
IG launched IG ads late in 2015, employing the Facebook advertising system, allowing marketers to target any specific portion or segment of IG’s over six hundred million users, with four hundred million users logging on every day, making IG ads a tempting option for brands seeking to spread their wings, allowing them to engage more customers and increase their profits.

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Advantages of geo targeted advertising
Geo targeted advertising allows you to have a better understanding of the market, on the basis of which you can optimize your business performance. You can customize your marketing strategy to each of your market segments, according to their geographical location. It will also lower the costs of your advertising campaigns.
Geo targeted advertising also permits you to identify competition, dealers, outlets and the best routes for better sales. This helps you design better routes of delivery, collection and merchandising. It will also give you the information you need to evaluate your location and inform your decision of whether or not you need to relocate your outlet(s).
Geo targeted advertising also enables you to establish with great precision the influence of your company over specific areas and populations. It helps you identify potential markets in addition to existing ones.
It can help increase traffic to your physical location, if you have one, or to attract customers to your online presence, in either case giving you a goof ROI. You can use this information to optimize the timing of your posts to attract the attention of the greatest number of customers.

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Geo targeted advertising can help you determine your existing customers’ buying habits based on location. It can help identify areas where your campaigns can be most effective. You can use it to target your existing customers when they are in close proximity again. It improves the performance of those crucial email campaigns, including information of the business location closest to your customer in it.
IG marketing for local businesses offers all this and more.
Geo targeted advertising on IG
You can, as I’ve said, target IG users based on their geographical locations. You can select their country, state or region, counties, DMA (designated market area), city, postal code and specific address radius. You can also type in the names of those regions which you want to target.
IG offers an additional layer of targeting based on geographical location, a layer that allows you even greater specificity. The default targeting option of this IG feature is to target all individuals in a particular location, the location that a user last updated to. It also tracks location based on a user’s Facebook profile in conjunction with his/her IP address. The location can be tracked by the usage of mobile devices in your intended target area. Lastly, it can track people who travelled to a particular location, provided that it is a minimum of one hundred miles from the location of their homes. However, once you have got the attention of your targeted audience, your work is only beginning.

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How to market yourself on IG: Funnels and emails
In order to create an effective marketing strategy on IG, you need first of all to share your link on your bio page along with an interesting image and caption. Once your targeted audience clicks your link they will be taken to what is called your ‘funnel.’ A funnel is what your potential customers go through before reaching your high-ticket offer. A funnel consists of a series of steps, the first of which is called the ‘capture page,’ the page that grabs your audience’s attention, doing this by offering something for free, such as an e-book or a PDF, in return for their email, which you can later use to send email advertisements to those who don’t go through the entire funnel, the vast majority of them. The next part of your funnel is called the ‘sales page,’ where you pitch your product along with its price. The last stage of the funnel is the ‘thank you’ page, where you thank your audience for visiting your page.
Better funnels often incorporate more than one sales page, offering increasingly expensive products and services the further along the funnel the audience goes. Every sales page should contain and opt-out option for the customer, allowing them to access the thank you page, where you can offer other free services, like a link to your Facebook page. Make sure that you choose a good funnel software to compose your funnels.
To collect emails and generate an email list you need a good email software and link it to your funnel software. This way you can ensure that you send the right emails to the right subset of potential customers.

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IG marketing for local businesses offers a host of benefits to local businesses. These benefits save the business money, expand their customer bases and help them optimize their operations. In order to make the most out of IG marketing, local businesses have to make sure that they share their links on their IG pages with catchy images and captions. Once IG users click on their links, they must take them to engaging funnel pages, where they offer them something for free in return for their email before offering products and services that are for sale. The emails will be used for email marketing later on. The most expensive products in the funnels must come last.

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