Go Pro Hero 7 Black

What is a GoPro 

A GoPro is an extremely versatile camera. It is not like ordinary cameras and performs a lot of functions which you can not even think about using  your basic camera. Some examples of this are that these can be attached to skateboards allowing you to record videos from a perspective that a normal camera cannot capture, as these are compact and can be attached without the risk of breakage. You can even take these underwater and record videos or mount it to your car and create amazing clips and imagery. 

The Hero 7 GoPro Black 

This is one of the GoPro cameras. It is a new series launched after the GoPro Hero 5 and the GoPro Hero 6. The cosmetic are quite similar to its former models but it comes with a few new features. These features include 

  • The “Hypersmooth” feature 
  • Hyper-lapse
  • The “Photo timer” for both back and selfie camera
  • “HDR” feature 
  • Portrait recording 
  • Audio change – re-engineered 
  • Live streaming 
  • Compatible with Karma grip and karma drone

It retails at a price of 600 Canadian dollars. It is somewhat identical to the Hero 6 other than its color and material used. The functionality is quite the same as well, to some, this is a good thing and for the latter, it is a bad thing. Keeping all these features in mind we will review the pros and cons of this new model.

The advantages of the new features 

  • The hyper smooth feature is a big win when it comes to Hero 7. It is one of their finest upgrades as the difference in images and videos can be clearly seen. They are much smoother than that of Hero 5 and 6. The improvement is quite dramatic compared to the former models.
  • The hyper-lapse feature is again a great improvement, when comparing the time-lapse videos of the older and newer model, the difference is clearly seen. The hyper-lapse function in hero 7 is much smoother. With the hero 6, you first had to record the video, download the still images, put them in an editor and that is how you achieved a seamless time-lapse footage. With the hero 7, all the work is pretty much done itself without all the shaky effect. This way it is much smoother and saves you from all the extra work. 
  • The photo timer is one of the features it essentially needed and finally has it (one just thinks about why they didn’t have it before). As you click it a timer shows up after which it starts recording just like normal photo timers. It is obviously very useful as it saves you from all the hassle of settling it perfectly and clicking it to start recording with great precision which can obviously be frustrating if it’s attached to a skateboard or a car for example. You can even predetermine the clip, setting up both the starting and the ending time which saves you from the extra hassle of clipping the video. So if you’ve planned to record yourself making a great jump, set the time accordingly and save yourself the memory and hassle. This can even help you get unique angles as you can place it anywhere before recording rather than someone holding it for you.
  • Upgraded (SD) RAM which is 2GB
  • Portrait recording is great for those who use the GoPro for Instagram and Facebook because that is the layout most widely used as it is more natural when people are swiping. So for those people, the only option of the landscape was not feasible due to which It is great for them. The portrait isn’t for everyone so some are quite against It as well so it’s mainly dependent on personal preference. 
  • The Audio has been re-engineered. The difference between the audio of the previous and the new model is quite obvious as it reduces the muffled effect. This makes it extremely convenient and great for bloggers. This way they don’t even need extra audio equipment as just the audio of the Hero 7 is enough. 

  • Another great thing about this is that it is compatible with the Karma grip and the Karma drone. Many people still use it. It cant be said to be the best drone but it is really fun to use and people still like using it. For them, the hero 7 is a good buy.
  • The new live streaming feature is also widely enjoyed amongst people. It is mostly used by people streaming on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This can also bring your vacation live streaming to a whole new level. Although you will still need your phone with it it can help you produce some amazing images and videos which you can not with your phones and with the former generations, live streaming is not possible
  • The feature to capture in 4k 60 is also great. You can also slow the footage down if needed. Its marketing tactic is calling it the “gimbal killer”. It is obviously not entirely true 80% footage does not need gimbal making it quite true. So it is quite stable.
  • It is very convenient and compact of course. As a photographer or content creator, you do not need to carry extra gear with you everywhere which is, of course, a sigh of relief. 
  • The design and appearance remain the same can be quite a bad thing for some people but it is also a good thing as it is still compatible with the former hero 6 gear such as its super suit, the GoPro silicon, batteries, and the dual charger and also the MD filters. This is quite feasible for some people. 
  • The change in menu is also a good plus point. It can seem a bit difficult and clumsy at first if you are used to the Hero 5 and 6 but once you get used to this, it is very smart and organized. Everything lies within your fingertips.
  • It keeps the image free from jerks and jitters due to the stabilization it offers

The disadvantages 

  • This model being identical to the Hero 6 can be quite a tick off for many people, as when people upgrade to a device a visual difference greatly matters to them. The material and the color are the same. The functionality is also the same as the last two generations. 
  • The material used is not so good. It is rubberized, covered with lint. This might not be very durable so within a year or so this could go pretty messy. So you would need to be extra careful.
  • The images are not crystal clear. This is obviously not for all the images but when taken in darker conditions, these are not very clear. 
  • The time lapse feature does not export to a 4k resolution video. So if you want to export all your videos in 4k, you will have to leave the time lapse behind. 
  • The new menu can be a little hard to get used to. 
  • The portrait feature is not for everyone due to which it will be of no use to many people.
  • The HDR feature is something which we are a little skeptical about. The reason is that it produces both great and not so great results. Sometimes the images can have too much contrast and not enough depth and sometimes it is just too much so it needs a little work this could be done in their firmware upgrade. It lacks the option of saving the original bracketed images. If they add this option, it would be quite handy for people who like to do their own processing or things like photoshop.

The verdict 

Looking at all of its new features, for first thoughts, you might think that it’s not worth it but observing and analyzing the features carefully, it is a rather dramatic upgrade from the Hero 6. It is a great investment if you are enthusiastic and experimental when it comes to photography. It also offers a whole range of new features and improvements. If you think this is a lot of money to spend, an option you have is to sell your old GoPro online or elsewhere. You can use that cash, add some more and get a new generation. This way it will not seem like an extremely drastic buy. There are a lot of new and exciting features which will really get you in the feel of the upgrade.

Overall comparing both the advantages and disadvantages, there are fewer cons than pros. Which is all the more reason to buy it. It is compact, convenient and can help you produce some great content. The versatility of this product is unquestionable. It has launched at the same price of the Hero 6 which basically means it upgraded without affecting your pocket. This alone is great. Judging by all of this, the Hero 7 GoPro Black is worth your hard earned dollars.

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