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Best Filmmaking Apps: Making Award Winning Films With The Tap Of Your Fingers Filmmaking via smartphone is an evolution and a revolution. Auteurs such as Steven Soderbergh, Sean Baker, Tristan Pope and Park Chan-wook, to name a few, have turned to the iPhone as the primary lens for making their films.

The smartphone is an exciting and emerging vehicle for the art of filmmaking. But at the heart of it all is the app that puts everything together technically and the hands of the director to sprinkle creative touches into the film. More apps are being created to the delectation of auteurs. Here are some of the best filmmaking apps you will want to check out to start your filmmaking career and to make that breakthrough film:

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FilMic Pro (all iOS/iPhone devices – $7.99) – This is the mother of all filmmaking apps that brings you better zoom, control over frame rates, and sound recording choices such as line level sound input via putting out of action of Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and stereo mic support. FilMic Pro lets you record footage at up to 50mbps. And if that doesn’t jumpstart your creative juices, FilMic Pro also has many presets like a DSLR, customizable – adjustable frame rate and resolutions, framing options, image stabilization and sound and video encoding levels. The iOS 8 version of the app actually gives you more manual control on exposure compensation, shutter speed, ISO and color temperature. The app beat Sony FS100 and tied with C300 in a blind test at 2012 Zacuto – Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout.

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iMovie is your option when starting out in filmmaking. It is for free for all iOS devices. It also has a simple interface and is fun and easy to use for those just starting out in film shooting and editing. The philosophy behind iMovie is quality over quantity in terms of features compared to other free film editing apps. The app’s key features are transitions, backgrounds, title, voiceover, basic trimming and editing. Everything is done in as uncomplicated a process as possible. Titles and transitions look very clean and sophisticated and can be done in just a few taps or clicks. Since this is a popular free app, be aware that most of its templates and formats are used in home videos. Try to get creative in using iMovie and maximize the simple yet useful features in filming and editing to craft your first shortie.

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These are just two of the many apps available for auteurs to bring mobile phone filmmaking to popularity. Special mention to Switching Studio, launched just 6 months ago, this app functions as a video switching app allowing you to sync up to 4 iOS phones or devices – interchanging between up to 4 cameras and record a final mix and stream live video. You can use this to make live streaming feeds to Ustream or YouTube Live. Be the next YouTube star with this app.

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