DJI Osmo Pocket VS GoPro Hero 7 Black

DJI Osmo Pocket VS GoPro Hero 7 Black

Creative photographers create their contents in many ways. As photography and video making might seem like something very restrictive, it is essential knowledge to know that with the vast range of cameras and editing software available, you can achieve the impossible. You can come up with new creative content at all time with the use of different gadgets and of course, by using your own creativity in different ways.

A new type of miniature cameras is the new hype for different video content creators. This helps them capture angles which are impossible to achieve with a basic camera no matter how out of this world the technology is. These cameras can be used in used in ways such as attaching to the bottom of your skateboard or on the tire holder of your bicycle which riding it and gets out of this world videos with a completely unique perspective. In terms of practicality, they are much easier to carry around and have much better stability compared to normal cameras for creative video making purposes. They look quite fascinating too!

There are a number of miniature cameras available in the market. The two main ones that claim to be the best are DJI Osmo Pocket and the GoPro Hero 7 Black. Let’s see which one has the stronger claim and is worth our money.

Comparison of different aspects

Field view:

GoPro: this particular camera has a very wide angle field view. 

DJI: Narrower field view like normal cameras.

Pros and Cons:


  • One of the pros of GoPro is that with its wide field angle, you capture everything around you and do not miss out on anything. This means that it gives you an advantage of a much unique perspective and captures everything around you which is awesome.
  • The con is that due to that wide field angle you get a type of a fisheye look which some people might not be opting for. And for some, this might be a big advantage.
  • Another con is that if you zoom in too much, the lines will appear to be curved giving the impression of a distorted type of an image. This is due to the very wide field view offered by GoPro. For sports videos sports videos this can look very cool but for other normal ones, not so much
  • The stabilization: the technology used in this is hyper smooth which is an inbuilt stabilization mechanism. It looks pretty cool but some image quality might be lost. Although it is the best digital stabilization. 
  • The zoomed in footage loses a bit of quality due to the wide angle when making a slow-motion video. Which is a disadvantage.
  • When filming with GoPro Hero 7 Black you might get less detailed shadows and light.
  • The footage might have some noise when zooming in.
  • The white balance of GoPro Hero 7 Black is always accurate
  • The audio is pretty essential. When it comes to Vlogging, the GoPro will capture sounds of wind around.
  • When making front face videos, the display is at the back of the camera.
  • Time-lapse can be captured automatically but only at one position. 
  • A great advantage of the GoPro is that It is waterproof up to 10 meters.
  • Durability is indestructible.

DJI Osmo Pocket: 

  • The pro this carries is that the image or video it captures has a much narrower look compared to the GoPro Hero 7 Black  and eliminates the fisheye effect. This gives the photo or the video a much more professional look.
  • This sometimes means that you have to focus on the camera and the display mode and cannot just hold the camera and hope to get the best picture. Which is a downside to this?
  • Another advantage of the narrow field view is that no matter how much you zoom in, the lines of the image do not get curved or distorted.
  • The stabilization: there is a real gamble attached to the DJI which basically allows the camera to stabilize itself automatically when moved left, right or in any direction. 
  • The slow-motion videos made by DJI, when zoomed in does not miss out on any detail. This is another pro. 
  • The shadows and light are pretty detailed when filmed with a DJI. 
  • Footage will have much less noise compared to GoPro Hero 7 Black.
  • DGI will often struggle with the white balance of the footage.
  • The microphone faces you directly due to which mainly the sound of the Vlogger is captured which reduces muffled sounds greatly.
  • The display while taking front face videos is in the front as the camera can be moved to both positions.
  • Automatically takes a time lapse and the camera can be set to motion lapse mode to capture different angles of the time lapse.
  • The DJI is not waterproof.

Final verdict

Both the cameras are amazing in their own categories and there is no clear winner. It depends on the type of videos you want to shoot. So the verdict is that for sports videos, there is no better option than the GoPro Hero 7 Black and for Vlogging and all other types, the DJI Osmo Pocket is your go-to?

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