Bushmaster -VS- Luke Cage

Bushmaster – Luke Cage’s Worst Nightmare 

Bushmaster is one of the greatest Villains in the  Luke Cage mythology. He joins the ranks of Kingpin, Killgrave and Cottonmouth and is slowly rising through the ranks to become a household name to Luke Cage fans. 

Meet Bushmaster 

Bushmaster was created in Iron Fist #67. Bushmaster appeared as a villain in Iron First originally before he became tangled in the Luke Cage mythology and settled there as a full time Villain. 

The Varieties of Bushmaster

When a comic book character is mirrored unto screen, the script writers try to stick to the original version of the character with slight modifications. However, Netflix geared far from the norm. 

On the Netflix version of Bushmaster, Bushmaster is from Jamaica. He comes to Harlem to seek revenge against the stokes and take his birthright back. 

However, in the comic books it is never specified what Caribbean Island Bushmaster is from. The only thing disclosed is Bushmaster is a smart criminal who starts  from the Caribbean, works his way to Europe and takes over a big criminal organization called ’The Maggia’. His crime reach spreads all the way to New York City where he encounters the Marvel Heroes. 

The Police, Interpol, CIA, FBI and all agencies are unable to infiltrate his organization or take him down. Misty Knight is sent in as a spy and cover agent. She poses as his lover and gathers information on him to bring him down. Unfortunately, before she is done gathering information Bushmaster puts out a hit on Iron Fist which complicates her plan. 

Misty Knight and Danny A.K.A Iron Fist are a couple; therefore Misty cannot allow Bushmaster take out a successful hit on Iron Fist. She blows her cover in order to save his life. This further complicates the issue and becomes a personal vendetta against Ironman by Bushmaster. This happens because Bushmaster has grown to develop feelings for Misty Knight. 

This complication leads to Iron Fist and Luke Cage meeting for the first time. This meeting will lead to a strong friendship, adventures such as ’Heroes for Hire’, Iron Fist, Power man’ amongst many others. 

Netflix attempts to reiterate this storyline on screen; as taking down Bushmaster leads to the beginning of a promising relationship between Iron Fist and Luke Cage. 

Another scene which Netflix portrayed differently from the comic books is the fight between Bushmaster and Luke Cage. On-screen Bushmaster uses voodoo particularly nightshade to beat Luke Cage during their battle. However, in the comic book Bushmaster attains his powers in a similar way that Luke Cage attained his. Bushmaster kidnaps Noah Burstein and forces him to duplicate the same experiment done on Luke Cage but make it more potent and make him more powerful.

Bush Master v Luke Cage

Bushmaster is portrayed to have attained his power through natural causes while Luke Cage attains his power through science. Bushmaster wants his powers but Luke Cage has his powers forced upon him. 

Bushmaster’s parents are killed at an early age by the Strokes; Luke Cage on the other hand is raised by both parents who are very active in his life. This leads to them having different values and methods. Bushmaster is driven by hatred and vengeance while Luke’s values and decisions are driven by religious sentiment. 

Bushmaster is one of the few villains that is a match for Luke Cage. He has the character strength and physical prowess that will keep Luke Cage on his toes. We hope to see more of him on screen and in the comic books! giving Luke Cage a good sweat and keeping us entertained. 

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