Blade: The Day Walker

Blade: The Day Walker

Blade is not a new face to Marvel Fans. He appeared in the ‘Spiderman Animated  Series’ in the 90’s which is where most Marvel fans were introduced to the character.  To many fans he was the epitome of a cool character; with his Bike, sword and harley.  This is probably why the ‘Marvel Legend’s Blade Action Figure’ sold out. 

Years later, Marvel Cinematic Universe graced us with the Austin Snipe’s Blade trilogy that brought him to the spotlight. However, Most Marvel Fans don’t know Blade’s roots. 

Meet Blade: The Tomb of Dracula

In the Tomb of Dracula #10 1973 we are introduced to Blade. He is originally sported wearing a green leather jacket, yellow shades, an afro and stakes around his chest to kill vampires. Like most comic characters he has changed over the years to reflect the modern times. 

Blade popularly known as Eric Brooks is born in a brothel in Great Britain on October 24, 1929. Blade is over 70 years old but still looks youthful because of his Vampire powers. This may explain why he has gone bald over the years. 

Blade’s mother Tara Brooks is a prostitute at Madame Vanity’s Brothel. When she started going into Labour the doctor that attended to her was a Vampire; Deacon Frost. This Vampire has the special ability to control his victims. He sucks blood from her neck while she is in labour pushing out Eric. Frost accidentally passes certain enzymes from him to baby  Eric through the umbilical cord that is still connected to the mother turning Eric  into a dhampir

A dhampir is a child with parents that are half vampire half human. The result of this is the child is born with special abilities such as being able to smell supernatural creatures, longer lifespan, immunity to being turned into a vampire. However, this special abilities causes Blade to have sensitivity to bright light.

Frost kills Eric’s mother and tries to kill him but is driven off by his mother’s co-workers. Lady Vanity raises Eric  until he is nine years old. During this time Blade becomes an expert with using knives and daggers. One day Eric  is coming back from school and sees an Old man in trouble with three men. He tries to help the man but realizes the men are not human but are actually vampires. He is terrified but realizes the old man is able to hold his ground and defeat the vampires by using the silver sword built into his cane. 

The old man introduces himself to Eric  as Jamal Afari; A Jazz trumpet player who also doubles as a Vampire slayer. He moves into Vanity’s Brothel and teaches Eric everything he needs to know about the horn and  the undead. He becomes the father figure in Eric’s life. 

Jamal goes missing for a week and Eric goes to check for him. Upon finding him he realizes he has turned into a Manpire. Jamal starts attacking him saying “I Thirst for your blood Human”. Eric tries to talk some sense into him but fails and is forced to kill his father figure. 

Marvels Blade

Blade is Born 

Eric realizes Dracula killed Jamal the same way Frost killed his mother. He vows to get them both no matter how long ut takes him. The only thing on his mind is Revenge. Blade the vampire killer is born. 

Blade Gets Revenge 

By #13 of the Tomb of Dracula, Blade finds Dracula and kills him. This is his first taste of revenge. However ,Dracula returns by the end of #14 . 

His revenge against Deacon Frost comes in #53 of the Tomb of Dracula with the help of investigator turned Vampire- Hannibal King. Together they track down Frost. Blade throws stakes into his chest launching Frost into The Machinery sending sparks flying everywhere. Blade and Hannibal escape before the place explodes. 

Blade Encounters Morbius 

Blade goes on in “Adventure Into Fear” #24  to fight Morbius throughout this issue. Unfortunately, Morbius gets away. In another issue Blade teams up with Spiderman to catch Morbius. Morbius bites Blade and Blade’s blood enzymes react unexpectedly to Morbius’ unique form of Vampirism. Blade is granted all the strength of a Vampire while eliminating all of their weaknesses such as Garlic, crosses and sensitivity to sunlight. An ability that gave him the nickname ‘DayWalker’. 

Blade – The Vampire Hunter 

Blade receives  a new look where he appears in ‘The Nightstalkers’ series which happens to be the look in Spiderman cartoon draws his inspiration from. Nightstalkers only lasts 18 issues which leads Blade to his own  series called “Blade – The Vampire Hunter” . However, this has a short life span and only lasts 10 issues. 

Blade Features in Marvel Comics

Blade moves on to a mini-series called ‘Blade – Blood Alley’. Blade is also seen in ‘Casualties of War’ where he is haunted by police for killing vampires; the Police mistakes this for Homicide. He is also involved in a plan to bring down Wolverine in the series. 

Blade joins the Avengers in order to hide his identity but is later exposed by the Deathwalkers  he is trying to hide from in the first place. The Avengers help him take down the Deathwalkers afterwhich he leaves the team. Blade is lastly seen in ‘Secret Empire’ where he kills a ton of vampires to protect humans. 

Blade’s Abilities 

Blade is half human, half vampire and after being beaten by Morbius has all the power of a vampire and none of their weakness. This makes him the perfect vampire and best vampire slayer. However, Blake still has a thirst for blood just like any other vampire. He is a good character and instead of sucking blood from human injects himself with a special serum that gives him the same nourishment as the blood. 

Blade has super strength, agility, speed, endurance and senses. He also has fantastic vision and sense; even better than a normal vampire. He ages slower than a normal human and possesses a degree of invulnerability and resistance to psychic and physical attacks. 

After being bitten by Morbius he is able to regenerate missing limbs and organs. He has a dangerous sense which allows him to sense supernatural activity. He can hypnotize his opponents and make them do his bidding. He is a highly skilled marksman with firearms. 

With all the abilities Blade possesses, Blade is a great addition to any team. This is why we see him appearing in various comics and pulling his weight. As long as there are Vampires to be slain Blade will always remain relevant. 


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