Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo

There have been many interesting changes in the field of photography as time has passed by. Long ago, photographers had special rooms for developing their photos and spend hours there waiting for the perfect image. In modern times that has changed and most work is not dependent on our laptops and computers. Capturing a photo is an art in itself, as each angle and lighting can make a huge difference. Modern photography, on the contrary, is not confined by that and another essential element is photo editing.

For this particular purpose, there have been many software developments for graphic designers, web designers and photographers to have a professional platform to edit their photos to perfection. This software is of course not for everyone and you have to master them and understand them for best results. Adobe Photoshop has been the holy grail of editing software. Many people and professional have stuck to it for a long time. Like any other software, for this one there have been many alternatives in the market as well. But, there has not been a single software which was as good for professional use.

On the other hand, now there have been so many software advanced which are actually a great alternative to adobe photoshop and they have been flooding in like monsoon rain. One of that software is Affinity photo.

What is Affinity Photo

Just like Photoshop, this too is an editing app for graphic designers, photographers etc which provides you with different tools for photo adjustment. Its interface is quite similar to Photoshop as it has to be according to a certain standard.

What does it offer

Affinity Photo provides you with a wide range of options to play with your photos. All that you have been using with Photoshop is available with even more distinct features available. Let’s go through the features and tools of Affinity Photo. 


It provides you with all the basic tools such as brushes, filters, color picker tool, ones that help you with reducing the noise of the picture etc. This gives us an idea that all basic tools are available on Affinity Photo which is necessary to have on any editing software. Another thing which one can do is that the toolbar on the right-hand corner is movable so it is also convenient. 

Distinct features

Any new software would be of no attraction if it did not offer something extra. There are many cool features affinity photo has to apt up your photo editing experience to gain better results.

  • The selection brush tool

This is also available of photoshp but the one in Affinity Photo is quite powerful. It is easier to work with as it offers you to reselect or unselect things easily. If there is certain area you would want to fix, for example, eliminate or select more of it, rather than undoing the entire thing, you can work with that specific area. You can further soften the edges out by the wide selection of brush tools available and before that everything else is masked so that you have a clearer idea of your selection.

  • Live preview

Another amazing thing about this is that no matter what you are doing before the changes are made, there is a live preview of everything. With the help of this achieving perfection is much easier and less frustrating. For example, if you have to soften the edges out with the brush, you will first be shown what the edges would look like if you soften this particular area making the process so much easier.

  • Personas

In the top left corner, there is a new and different feature added called the Personas. There are many options available with that too. For examples, photo persona, liquefy persona, develop a persona, tone mapping persona, and the export persona. This basically is made so that each persona you select, you have a separate workspace for each of the provided options which will give you all the options on your interface regarding that specific persona. So for instance if you choose photo editing persona, you will have all the tools which are used for that on the other hand for the liquefy persona, tools regarding that will be laid out.

  • Exporting made easy

Exporting for photoshop is quite a hassle but with Affinity, there is a wide range of options available making it much more easier. The options available are Slice selection. You can choose a selection specifically and export it with or without the background easily.

Bottom line 

Considering the price tag of just $50, Affinity Photo is a software everyone should have. It is for all types of people, from professionals to beginners and is amazing yet advanced. It is easy to use and offers you a wide range of options and tools you can play around with.

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