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Adobe Rush CC: All The Key Details Explained

If you’re tired of using iMovie or some amatuer tools to edit your videos, and want try your hand at professional video editing – Adobe has put out an app that is made specifically for you. Adobe has recently announced development of Adobe Rush CC a cross-device video editing app that handles the whole video creation workflow – from the shoot all the way to your share on social media. This is Adobe’s way to cater to the YouTube generation of content creators who are posting their content across several social media platforms. In this article, we break down all the key details around Premiere Rush CC, and provide our analysis on its features and functionality:

What’s The Main Objective? 

The main objective with Adobe Rush CC is to provide a much more intuitive and streamlined user experience for making videos. In the future, a mighty video solution for Android users will also be developed, whereas the app is already available on iOS. Premiere Rush CC is a spin-off of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, except a somewhat more distilled and cloud-centric, and perhaps not as robust.

Project Rush is not likely to replace pro-level tools for large productions. However, it can be quite useful to anyone who wants a workflow that doesn’t consist of multiple programs – and those who don’t require the power of a dedicated non-linear editor. 

The app is a part of Adobe’s ongoing efforts to switch to cloud, as well as to make content and creation accessible through multiple devices. It also places special importance on sharing content across social media. Keeping in mind that a great deal of video content is now posted on social media, Rush has the option to automatically optimize video for a range of platforms on social media. It will also manage scheduling and publication and of content to those platforms. The app has been developed to simplify the motion graphics, the video-editing and audio mixing capabilities of Adobe’s professional softwares like Audition, AfterEffects and Premiere Pro. For instance, you can avoid having to create your own animated title card for your videos if you just grab some motion graphics templates from Adobe Stock.

What Makes Adobe Rush CC Unique?

One of the most noteworthy qualities of Premiere Rush CC is the onboarding process. Adobe has been able to do a great job in creating a way to familiarize users with the app. 

You get a walkthrough of the process of importing footage, creating a project, editing footage, and sharing, with the help of onscreen prompts and stock footage. Once the user has gotten familiar with the app, they just have to get their content into a project and start editing. 

You can add the content from external hard drive or local storage like your computer’s hard drive. You can also make use of cloud services like Apple’s iCloud Drive or Adobe’s Creative Cloud. In addition to this, importing media (be it audio, photos or videos) is impressively simple as you just have to select it from the provided media browser.  

The concept behind Rush revolves around facilitating vloggers and Youtubers, who are looking to edit their content and sharing it online. Video creators are equipped with an all-in-one video editing solution that enables them to promptly edit their videos, and publish them on online platforms like YouTube as well as other social networks. 

Premiere Rush CC can be thought of as the video editing tool for budding YouTubers and influencers. Adobe claims itself that the app “designed specifically for online video creators”. Moreover, it has been optimized for all popular social media platforms from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram to Youtube and Vimeo. 


Premiere Rush CC: All The Key Features And Functionality

Premiere Rush CC has a lot of enticing features for all users looking for a singular solution to all the various aspects of creating content. As opposed to traditional video creation workflows, which have usually required using different specialized programs, Premiere Rush CC ensures that whole workflow is summarized into one, integrated application. It will handle everything from shooting to motion graphics, audio optimization, editing and video sharing. The interface that has been provided is also very simple, and will facilitate titling, editing and color correction in the easiest possible way. 

When it comes to editing tools available, Premiere Rush CC offers pretty much everything you need in a consumer centric app: transform tools, audio processing, transitions, basic color adjustment tools, title screens, presets and multi-timeline videos.

Importing works fast, even with large 4K video files, on both the first-generation iPad Pro and

an iPhone XS. Once you’ve imported the content into Adobe Premiere Rush CC, you can begin the editing process as it syncs seamlessly in the background to your Creative Cloud account. This feature makes it much easier for you to have you full focus on editing with assurity that the content will be readily available on other devices, if you choose to edit elsewhere.

Premiere Rush CC takes the core parts of Adobe’s suite of audio and video editing tools, and merges them in a single desktop and mobile experience. This makes it possible for you to get a range of Motion Graphics templates, for instance, that were designed specifically to provide Rush users easy access to customizable titles.

The tools available in Rush are mostly based on similar underlying technologies as many of Adobe pro apps, such as audio technology from Audition and color correction technology from Premiere Pro. The audio-editing features are built on top of the same technology that powers the more fully featured Audition. Similarly, the color correction is powered by the same code as the counterpart in Premiere Pro editing tool.

As typical of all consumer apps, the controls do not the fine-tuned adjustments available Adobe’s professional Premiere Pro CC app. You still have a few transitions to choose from, 

but without key-framing for effects and edits.

If you happen to already be a pro-user, you also have the option to start a project in Rush, and later fine-tune in with Premiere Pro.

Another important feature of Premiere Rush CC is that the edits can sync between platforms very easily, enabling creators to start editing on their smartphone, for instance, and then complete the work on their laptop. So if you need to pick up where you left off and finish your project on a more powerful tool – Rush is the ideal tool.

Premiere Rush CC also provides a smooth one-click auto-duck audio mixing feature that will adjust the volume of the background music automatically during voiceovers. This feature is built on the same technology as Adobe Sensei, an artificial intelligence framework that is built into the Creative Cloud platform. 

What Does The Future Hold For Premiere Rush CC?

The future seems bright for Adobe Rush CC and its users from many aspects. While the app already happens to be quite polished and serves multiple purposes – there’s still room for improvement and upgrades. The app has been announced only recently, and there are many more improvements expected in the application. The current version of Rush is almost the same was what Adobe initially launched. However, it has been announced that you’ll soon be able to use Adobe Rush CC on Android. An Android release has been promised by 2019. There are also other features in store that have been promised by Adobe: You’ll soon get a speed control feature so you can speed up and slow down your videos (something YouTube creators quite typically use as part of content creation). In addition, you’ll also soon be able to create different versions of your videos for different platforms even more easily. Last but not the least, Adobe has also promised to increase performance significantly over time.

Project Rush currently operates across mobile and desktop platforms, and includes the same feature set in all versions. Projects can sync between devices using Adobe Creative Cloud. Since all versions support the same feature set, the upside is that users can use the same tools at their disposal, regardless of which device they’re currently using.

Wrapping It Up….

Adobe Rush CC is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a simple and accessible, singular solution to the whole content creating process. If your content is catering to the masses and yet doesn’t require a very high level, Hollywood scope of production (as with most YouTube content and vlogs etc today) – Premiere Rush is the one-stop solution that’s going to make your life easier!

Pricing And Packages

Premiere Rush CC is currently available on iOS and desktop, with an Android version arriving later in 2019. It is available to all Premiere Pro CC single app subscribers, Student plan subscribers and Creative Cloud All Apps subscribers. In addition to all of this, there’s also a starter plan that you can get free of cost, and will provide you access to all apps and features – however limiting exports to a maximum of 3 projects. The single app plan costs for $19.99/month for teams, and $9.99/month for individuals.

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